Thursday, May 31, 2018

SOLD OUT—-Ephemera Pack Presale!


Please read the description thoroughly if you are uncertain what an Ephemera/Paper pack for collage and mixed media art would contain.

Due to the length of time it takes to gather the material, separate it, sort it into piles, prepare it and collate, pack it into individual packs, etc., I typically only offer these packs for sale once a year and have a limited quantity to share. 

The items you will receive will be similar to what you see in these photos and description, but these photos were taken during a previous purge.

This listing is for one pack of ephemera and collage material for you to use in your own mixed media work.

Each pack contains all unique, original items culled from my own studio, items that I use in my own work every day - which represent over a decade of hunting and scavenging for material. 

No reproductions. Thus, each pack may be similar in nature but will contain unique items. The majority of the material is 40-100 years old. A few pieces are new or newer vintages. Packs are 125+ individual pieces of material in a range of sizes, from scrap to full page to multiple page spreads.

Please read the description carefully to understand what the pack you are purchasing contains. I am unable to do special request or customized packs.

Each pack includes a ton of book pages salvaged from at least 60 different sources including or similar to: 

Vintage Fiction
Antique School Books - Grammar and Secondary School
Foreign Language
Old Legal, Government, and History
Typing Manual
Cook Book
Health Books
Science and Geography
Children's Books
Patent Applications
Year Book
First Aid

These pages will include:
Many images and/or engravings - each pack contains unique original images and will be different then what is shown in photos, but of the same quality. 
Sheet music and pages
Sections of large maps, or full page maps from books.
Some items in the pack may have the previous owners handwriting or doodling
Several are from the mid to late 1800s

The pack will also include items such as: 
Tissue paper or sewing patterns
Vintage Lined notebook, graph, or stationary papers
Pieces of handmade or mass produced paper that I purchased for it's compatibility with vintage papers
Signmakers letters or numbers 
Scraps of Book Covers or spines 
Greeting Cards
Magazine pages
Photographs- may be color or b&w, portrait and snapshots, people, scenery, animals, or inanimate objects, Polaroid or antique, school photos or wedding, etc. 

The pack will include a bag of small items such as:
Negatives or Slides
Antique Playing Cards
Miscellaneous scraps and collage bits too yummy not to include

All of the material in the packs are original. Most is 40 - 100 years old and as such may be worn, torn, aged with patina, stained, spotted, wrinkled, crinkled, written on, taped, cut into pieces, or just generally perfect for collage. These are the very imperfections that I seek out when I shop for new material to use in my work and I hope you will enjoy and embrace them too!

SOLD OUT! Thanks for checking!

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