Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Some Catching Up To Do: No Before and After

In an effort to catch my blog up with my life in anticipation of my commitment to begin life-journal blogging again in the very near future, I'm posting my last few newsletters. Apologies for the repeat to those who subscribe to both lists.

"Ribbons of Grace Series" 7" x 21" Encaustic Collage Mixed Media by Crystal Neubauer

No Before and After

"The During is as holy as the after, and it's okay" ~Glennon Doyle Melton

Have you ever come across an article or blog post that was exactly what you needed to read at exactly the moment you needed it? I'm sitting here trying to compose this email to you. Telling you of all the cool things happening in my life and to be honest, it is a struggle to focus on it long enough to get it done. Already I've decided that it's too late to send it out this morning and I'll just have to schedule it to go tomorrow, which will be Thursday morning, and today by the time you read this.

Focus: my mind has been filled to the overflowing lately with a few major transitions that I haven't told you about. The truth is, there is this mix. This real-life glorious mix of great things and not so great things that we all have to deal with and I'm just not ready to talk about it all quite yet. And I spiral into a sort of condemnation. Because, you know, I'm nearly 50 years old and I should have this stuff all figured out by now! But I'm trying to live by a new mantra - ridding myself of the "Shoulds" that shame and blame and hold hostage the growth God intended for me.

So I sit here trying to compose an email about the great things and not talk about the not-so-great things and I remember there was a time when I used to share it all. 
And I want to again. And I will. But not today. 
Today I will share with you that article, the exact right thing I needed to read at the exact right time I needed it. A blog post by the author of the blog "Momastery". Read it now or later, but don't forget to come back and hear about the great things I am ready to share. . . 


  1. God works through you Crystal in so many glorious ways. The shoulds no longer belong to you. What belongs is a breaking of the mold of shoulds and a trail blazer of the grace and beauty He gives. A carrot is a carrot no matter how you dress it. You my friend are a beautiful soul that radiates from within. No matter our age, the clothes we wear or place we rest, your beauty shines. That's the should we want to leave behind for generations to come.
    You give hope. You model grace. And give permission to others to do the same.
    Storms will come and go. Ride the wave and be set free.
    With love.

    1. You have given me a good case of the gratitude weeps this morning. Not hard to make tears spring to this sensitive chicks eyes, but I cherish these sweet words of encouragement from you. Thank you my friend.