Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Second Chances Series: A New Direction from Old Works and New Dreams

"Second Chances Series" by Crystal Neubauer - A New Direction from Old Works and New Dreams
From left to right: "Seedling #804"; "Tea and Baloney"; "The Rebellious Woman and The Baby Elephant"; and "Girl, You're Gonna Carry That Weight A Long Time"
I had a chance to hang out in my studio last week with no agenda other than giving myself the freedom to play. It started with a bunch of collage rejects I had sitting in my closet and a desire to experiment with paint and the ideas and thoughts just came pouring out of me. 

Turns out I had a series waiting to be birthed and it centers around several dreams I've had over the past few months. 

Not the kind of dreams that you have for yourself, like "Someday I hope to write the great American novel" - but the actual dreaming in the middle of the night when you're eyes are closed and you're sleeping kind of dreams. The ones you wake up from in the morning and realize are profound and direct messages from God. Or the subconscious. Or both. 

Yeah, that kind of dreams. The kind I rarely have, but for the past few months, it seems I've had one nearly every other week. 

I wasn't expecting them to show up on these canvases either. And certainly wouldn't have envisioned them in this style, but there they are. Most of them done, or nearly so. 
"Second Chances Series" by Crystal Neubauer - A New Direction from Old Works and New Dreams
"I'm Not Uptight. You're Just Not Funny"
I'll be writing about each one in individual posts over time. Perhaps one a week, or every few weeks? I'd like to say "Every Tuesday ..." but I'm beginning to accept that thing about myself that balks at the restrictions of this kind of schedule. I plan to share the thoughts behind these works, as I think there is something in them for you, as much as there is for me. 

Meanwhile I also plan to spend some time here featuring the workshops and guest artists and other adventures that are coming my way. Stay tuned.....


  1. GREAT POST! I love re-doing old works! It is a challenge. NICE works!

  2. Hi Crystal. I love your second chance series and look forward to hearing more about them!

  3. when those dreams speak...in whatever format...you gotta listen...looking forward to the stories...