Wednesday, April 03, 2013

On Anticipation, Occupying the Land and EncaustiCamp

The last few weeks I've closed with a tease about a major EncaustiCamp announcement and today is the day I get to share the news that I have eagerly been waiting to tell you.

Anticipation is a funny thing. It fills the air with a heightened awareness that something good is about to happen. An eagerness sets in to see the thing being waited for come to fruition and excitement bubbles up from within.
There is a sense of anticipation happening in the home and neighborhood where I live. A stirring of a common vision for the greater good. A building into each others lives, and reaching out to build up a community. God sized dreams are stirring and being shared and the desire to see it become a reality is strong, yet there is still an uncertainty about exactly what "it" is and how it will come about. For me it will be a continuation of the faith journey I have been on for several years as an artist; God gives me a picture of what the next step is, but doesn't reveal the entire plan.

Recently I was reminded of the words God spoke to Moses as he prepared the people for entering the promised land in Deuteronomy 7:22: "The Lord your God will drive out those nations before you, little by little. You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once, or the wild animals will multiply around you." Essentially God is saying "Hey, I'm bringing you this really good thing but I can't give it to you all at once because you won't be ready to handle it." 

That is what the step-by step faith journey is for me. I have the promise of the big picture in front of me. I know it is good, really really good. But the details are still sketchy and when I think about getting from where I am to that really good thing, it is way too big. It overwhelms me and I freeze.  "The wild animals multiply all around" are like the obstacles in the way of my success and I am too afraid looking into their beady little eyes to do anything but stand there and blink. Eventually the fears and the uncertainty threaten to defeat me, but God in His infinite goodness knows this about me and continues to allow me to hang on to the big picture promise while only giving me what I can handle by way of His direction to the next step. Sometimes the step doesn't seem to make sense, but I've been on this walk long enough to know they don't have to, I just need to follow and the way will continue to open.

The next step for me has to do with restructuring the open studio times and workshops I've scheduled in my home studio. Open studio times, the first of which is scheduled for Sunday April 21st from 1-4 will now be free and I am reducing the fee for the Encaustic Collage Workshop scheduled for Sunday May 12 from 10 - 4pm. Yes, that is Mother's Day, so consider treating yourself and maybe bring your mom along and have some fun! 
Contact me for details on how to reserve your spot.

Speaking of anticipation, I promised to share a big announcement about EncaustiCamp. Have I kept you in suspense long enough? North Light Publishers has chosen to feature the retreat in Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch's third book on Encaustic techniques. Each one of the instructors (including yours truly) have been invited to write a section of the book featuring their workshop project. What does this mean for attendees? Well not only is the camp simply fabulous to begin with, but it will be host to a North Light editor and photographer this year as they come partake of the camp's goodness and shoot photos for the book. You will get a chance to be included and to see what goes on behind the scenes of the publishing process and all this right on the water of scenic Dumas Bay near Seattle. Registration is officially open and already half full. Hurry and reserve your spot today!

And if a full retreat isn't in the cards for you this year, be sure to consider a weekend getaway to my Nashville or Paducah workshops, where I just might have more exciting news to share. You never know what the next step may bring!

Grace Like Rain   Mixed Media Collage by Crystal Neubauer

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  1. i cannot believe—WAIT, yes i can—what a generous offer this is!!! crystal, your obedience and radical trust in Jesus inspires me to live true. keep being bold. keep going forth, forward towards the call of our Heavenly Father! i am so blessed to witness your life unfold :)! :)