Friday, March 29, 2013

On Taking a Risk and Building Relationships

In my last post I shared that I had been wrestling with resistance over taking a major step toward achieving a goal of mine. Each time I set my mind on taking that step I let resistance get the better of me, but this time confessing it to all of you, I was able to break free of the hold it had on me and accomplished my goal.  Whether the thing I hope for happens as a result or not, I am proud of myself for taking the risk. I won't accomplish my dreams by sitting on the sidelines of life and playing it safe.

Yesterday I had a group of neighborhood kids in to watch a movie and work on an art project together. I woke in the morning with a little flare up of that same old resistance, wondering why I was taking the afternoon off to hang out with a group of other peoples kids when I have so much work to do. But I quickly squashed that thought as I remembered my biggest goals are about building relationships, something that can't be done in the bubble of isolation I am prone to remaining in at home in my own studio. I'm especially aware of the importance of relationships as Easter approaches this weekend. The cross was the ultimate bridge to building relationship and I am grateful for the reminder.

Last week I announced upcoming open studio and workshop dates scheduled in my home studio and the number of responses I received made me realize I left a few important details out. Gages Lake is located in the far North Suburbs of Chicago close to Gurnee, IL where Six Flags and the Gurnee Outlet Mall are located. I am just a short 20 minute drive to the Wisconsin border, 30-45 minutes from Chicago and very close to I-94.

All of my currently scheduled workshops are listed below. Please email me at if you have questions or want to register for any of the classes. And be sure to sign up for my newsletter here if you would like to receive regular(ish) updates on my workshops, exhibits and other news.

Stay tuned...Major EncaustiCamp Announcement Next Week!

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  1. Resistance can be a good teacher.
    I love the painting featured here. I found the pink to be surprising.