Friday, February 18, 2011

Learning to Accept Today

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. ~Psalm 62:5

There is a deep inner peace that comes with learning to accept things as they are today. Yes I have hopes and dreams and desires to fulfill but today I am learning to accept where I am.

There is no sense in fighting it. Worrying about tomorrow won't change it.

Today I am healing. I am not lost to the One Who Heals. I am resting in the palm of His hand. 

Acceptance has not come instantly. There are feelings that are valid and real and necessary to work through and acknowledge. Grief. Anger. Frustration. Tears were cleansing. But the stage of acceptance is necessary for change to occur.

I not only accept myself and my circumstances, but I see that I am accepted. Cared for. Loved.

And I am grateful.


  1. That's beautiful Crystal.
    Thanks for sharing your gracefully gracious thoughts.
    Love and Light,

  2. Crystal, this is a beautiful post and one that I needed at this very moment. Thank you dearly.

  3. what a beautiful post crystal and one i need to hear. thank you for your words...xoxo

  4. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Crystal,
    May you know even greater depths of His love and care.

  6. ......and...I love your collage...the tones, the placement, the feeling it gives of a story, a correspondence, some message sent and circumstance to deal with....

  7. I just read this this morning; as always, everything in its perfect timing, it is exactly where I am, & what I needed to hear today! :-)
    Have a beautiful weekend Beautiful Crystal!! <3

  8. Crystal,

    I know just what you are talking about.
    I post a poem each Sunday on my blog and was torn between two.
    I posted the one about home, and after reading your blog post right now believe that the other was meant for you:

    He who bends to himself a joy
    Doth the winged life destroy;
    But he who kisses a joy as it flies
    Lives in Eternity's sunrise.
    (William Blake)

    May these simple, profound truth's help lighten your load.


  9. Crystal, So moving to see your words of acceptance and bravery. May the One who Comforts continue to cradle your heart in healing waters.

  10. Love your words. Very inspiring. You are on my list of favorite blogs. Hope to attend one of your workshops someday.

  11. to my favorite waxy girl,
    you bring me and many others joy.
    joy that God has given you to share.
    He will provide all that we need if we allow Him to AND we'll be content where we are if we allow ourselves the knowledge that THIS is where God has put us for whatever reason.
    That lady behind you in line at stupid Wal-Mart?
    Maybe he put HER THERE for YOU to bring a minute of joy to as you're standing in the slowest line in the store.
    Don't miss the small things and don't forget that I love you soooooo much!!
    Wanna see the crack house?? it's on my blog in all of it's glory.
    Oh, all right, most of it's glory. If i showed everything i'd still be taking pictures!!

    lovin' ya all the way from Texas,
    your tbff, jan

  12. Thank you for this good word that I so needed - work is draining me right now. Which is why I am so far behind in my blog reading - but reading this so long after it was written was reading it at just the perfect time.