Monday, February 07, 2011

A Tune A Day

I'm getting ready to hop in the shower and head to my morning painting class at the local community college for the first time in two weeks, but first I wanted to stop by and say thank-you to all those who have contacted me, left comments of thoughtful prayers and well wishes, and offered support and encouragement along the way.

I am post-operation and found to be cancer free! And though I am now without a thyroid, the massive tumor being found to be attached to it after all, and my body is adjusting to this a little slower then the average person, I can already tell how much better I will be feeling, having been able to trace the onset of my symptoms back over the last four years.

I am eager to move forward. To put into practice a life I have been training for. Becoming the me I was created to be. It is not an overnight transformation, but a steady moving forward step-by-step process, not knowing entirely the big picture, but having a growing sense of the next right step.

And then the next one. and then the next.

"Give us each day our daily bread." ~Luke 11:3


  1. OMG!!! (not said in the secular sense but uttered out loud in praise) He certainly walks with you and talks with are His own! i thank God for you & your willingness to share. such truth & favor can only come of God. you are prayed for, appreciated & supported... allways!! :)

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news. I'm so very glad for you.

  3. Crystal- I mentioned you in a blog post (because you are oh so inspiring). If you stop by, feel free to critique my work! :) You know more than I do about encaustic...I have only just begun experimenting.

  4. Praise God you are cancer~free! I love hearing the optimism and energy in your writing "voice". :-)

  5. God is good-all the time. I rejoice with you in your healing and your going forward.

  6. so glad to hear that you are on the mend and growing stronger each day. and right on with the scripture and sense that it takes one step at a time to build a life :). you are doing great!!! :) jan

  7. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Great, great news!
    God is good.
    I am so with you in the step by step, following what we are to become.
    Not knowing, and having child-like faith to follow is one of life's greatest opportunities to find true happiness, but it is a very hard road to take at the same time.
    One of my favorite quotes is
    "just trust God and do the next thing"
    Keep writing.


  8. Such great news Crystal! Take one day at a time knowing you are healing. I love your spirit. "A steady moving forward step-by-step" "becoming the me I was created to be".

  9. Oh, I'm SO glad to hear the results. You've been in my thoughts and prayers these weeks, and that will continue as you finish healing.

    Love you, girl.

  10. I love your collage and posting for today and can really relate to what you say about being on the right path. For the first time in my life, I feel content to know I am simply on the path. I don't have to know the destination, only that I am heading in the right direction. What a sense of peace and joy from just having faith!
    Happy for your news... hang in there with your recovery!

  11. Anonymous12:38 PM

    What wonderful news! Best wishes for a quick recovery. Carol Weiler

  12. Crystal--I guess I missed what was going on with you and for that I am sorry. I had my thyroid removed last year and was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid so had to go through radioactive iodine treatments. Just finished my yearly scans and another low dose of RAI and this time...nothing detectable! I know how you feel. It takes a while to adjust but you will feel much better. I hope that you will be doing much better really soon. Prayer and meditation really helped me this year, that's for sure.

  13. God is so good!!
    And I love you!!
    And I'd like to have the piece you're showing here!!


  14. I'm glad you're over this chapter in your life. You have a postive attitude, and it shows in your art. Good for you.