Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas - An Expression Of His Love

It is just a few days before Christmas and I have gone as far as I am able to go in preparations without more money - just waiting on hubby's current paycheck to show up in the mail.

Every year I say I'm going to get an earlier start - and this year I actually kind of did - as far as I was able to without getting fully paid for one of my own teaching gigs. But somehow here we are again down to the wire with still a few crucial things left to do. Always one kid who doesn't give me a list until the last minute and even with a minimal budget, times seven kids, it adds up to so much money!

And of course it doesn't help that we have a car in the shop (also waiting for the current paycheck).
But really - the tree looks so pretty and the railing up the stairs is wrapped in garland and antique glass Shiny Bright ornaments with the stockings all hanging along the way and it is just such a magical feeling...

I know it isn't about the gifts and the giving and the getting. It is about THE GIFT that we each received when God came to earth and was born as a babe in the manger, preparing to serve and spread the good news of His sacrifice to be freely given to all who ask - But how else could I even begin to express my joy? My desire to give what I have so freely been given? Nothing - NOTHING can even come close to that feeling.

And yet I try. And I will keep trying to express the love he has put in my heart for my family through the decorating and the baking and the gift giving and the wishing of Peace and Merry Making.

And I wanted to share this joy with each of you in some tangible way. But I couldn't because, you know, the money thing. And also the running out of time- which is very nearly as scarce as the money this time of year, especially since I tend to squander it sometimes - but then I remembered HE gave his gift to you too!

And we can just link our arms together over the virtual miles and gaze up at our Christmas trees or at the stockings hanging along the railing and just be content in the receiving of it. and the beauty of it. and the enormity of it.

and the knowledge that everything any of us really ever needs is right there in that gift. HIs gift.
Eternity in His love.

Merry Christmas - it seems like such an inadequate way to express it - those two little words.
and the tinsel. and the presents.

But there it is. My inadequate heart to express His more then adequate gift of eternal love. Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Oh I love your work! it's textury, is that a word?, and vintage..and yet so modern and current at the same time!

    off to poke around here some more! but first I would like to invite you on over to my small corner of this vast digital world....come have a peek..I'll put a pot on for you!

    ciao bella

    creative Carmelina

  2. Crystal--Merry Christmas to you also. You have so much to offer and give. The rest is just extra! I see your heart and soul every day when I look at your art hanging on my wall. It is such a gift you have given me. Thank you!

  3. Happy holidays. Such beautiful artwork here.

  4. Merry Christmas to you! This was a beautiful post, thank you for sharing it. Many blessings to you and your family.


  5. Merry Christmas, Crystal! My wish is that you continue to gain the recognition you rightly deserve through your hard work and listening to the Holy Spirit! Only the best go to you in 2011! xo Barbara

  6. Beautiful post, and just how I feel this Christmas.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Looking forward to keeping up with you here. Merry Christmas! :)

  7. Anonymous5:46 PM


    I somehow wandered to your blog...and am so glad I have.
    I hesitantly plunged into the blogging world just this September, and it has been really amazing. I have been recently searching for other bloggers who are creative, but have sites that are about LIFE too, with all its ups and downs, not just a website to utilize to sell their stuff, or take pics of their decorations (though I love to decorate too).
    Your honest comments about struggles with money, and candid up-lifting reflections on Christ resonated with me very much. Love the "hubby paycheck" line.
    Did you say 7 children?
    I subscribed to your post already.
    Hope you had a wonderful blessed Christmas.
    Stop by at my blog anytime. I try to post often.

  8. your work is lovely! Hope you had a great Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas! I'm trying to get around to all the fly girls blogs but you know how life gets in the way ;-) I so enjoyed my visit and will be back - stay strong in 2011!
    Fan/Biz page

  10. You have a lovely blog and you really speak the truth about Christmas! I found you through Leah at Many Slices. I will be back to visit again - Happy New Year.

  11. Yay!! I won your giveaway!! Thanks so much Crystal~