Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What if I....

There is so much inspiration online it is amazing that I get anything else done at times, other then look and drool. One blog I like to visit on a regular basis is Mary Buek's. Each post begins with the question "What if I". Recently she posted one title "What if I...Had No Time"

Time has been short for me recently, as explained in my previous post. This week finds me in the midst of (should be) studying for mid-terms. On top of which I've been exploring a new (to me) technique and my head is exploding with ideas. Tough to concentrate on studying when I keep walking past my work table and stopping to fuss and play with these new materials.
In the next week I'll try to post a few pictures of my recent collage work whether I have time to write or not. There are times, I've come to believe, the quieter the artist is the stronger the work speaks.


  1. Beautiful pieces as always!

  2. I miss you already. I'll follow you here! Beautiful work!

  3. LOVE! :) your works are so beautiful. they speak. you go girl!!!

  4. Crystal, thanks for referencing my blog here. I'm glad I can serve as inspiration. After reading all that you have on your plate, with work and school and art and everything, I feel like a real piker . . . you are amazing. I went back to school when I was 50 and I loved every minute of it. I had no goal in mind, though, just wanted to learn. You will be a wonderful art therapist. . . you really already are one in some ways.

  5. Crystal, I really, really like these blues! Awesome piece.
    Mid-terms. Eww.
    Focus, make to-do lists, prioritize.
    You are going to succeed, and,
    do it with style.
    Brenda J

  6. Anonymous12:45 PM

    yes, i understand what you mean about trying to balance different aspects of your life. feel the same way most of the time! but look at all of these fantastic things you create. breathtaking.
    -erika t

  7. Love these blues! You do an amazing job juggling all this stuff in your life, Crystal.
    Thanks for the generous comment on my blog, and I'm saying exactly the same to you lady! :)

  8. Beautiful blues!

  9. Awww ~ Thanks for all the compliments everyone!