Friday, September 11, 2009

Free to Dream

Eight years ago on this day I was rushing around getting ready for work. The kids stood in front of the TV watching the news. They pointed out what was happening on the screen, but I was too busy to notice more then smoke coming from a high rise building. By the time I dropped my 12-year old daughter and 13-year old step-son off at school, I realized the magnitude of what they had been watching. I knew in my heart there would be a strong military response to this action against our country.

This week my, then 13-year old, step-son left for basic training after volunteering to enlist in the Army. He signed up knowing full well the likelihood was high that he will be deployed soon after his training. But he has a dream and he didn't let fear keep him from it. From the time he was a little boy he has wanted to be a pilot. He is also an avid watcher of the military channel and after exploring his options he knew this was the best way for him to become who he knows he was meant to be. On his facebook page he left this quote:

~ Live for nothing, or die for something. Your call." John J. Rambo- Rambo 4 ~

At 21 he already knows what he was created to be. Something many adults twice his age are still trying to figure out. Something I have only begun, in the past few years, to learn about myself.

It has been quite a journey from where I was then to the artist I am becoming today. The me that I was created to be.

I am grateful this morning for the men and women of our military who serve day and night to keep this country free.

Free to speak. Free to live and love. Free to worship. Free to follow our dreams.

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  1. always ALWAYS A. L. W. A. Y. S. remember

    Thank you John J

  2. Yes, I know everyone will always remember where they were when the news hit T.V.-- it is still an emotional day. Best wishes to your stepson-- you probably have mixed feelings but are very proud as well.