Sunday, March 08, 2009


March comes in with its promises of change looming heavy in the air.

It stirs and begins to bring living things out of hibernation.

But some days, especially in the beginning, the rain comes down so cold it cuts through the skin and the air takes your breath away and the sky is so dark and dreary you long and yearn to see the sun. Its hard to believe anything will change.

But hold fast.

Hope is on the way.

Hold Fast.


  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    I like all of your textural elements.

  2. I adore this piece Crystal so strong yet the music parts make it subtle at the same time. Wonderful.

  3. Beautiful blog...really...inspiring. I have added you to my reader. Thank-you for sharing.

  4. So true. Sometimes I just need to hear that; hold fast, hope is on the way, hold fast. Its very reassuring. Very eloquent words to accompany a lovely poetic image.

  5. Nice, inspiring post. And congrats Crystal on being the first inspiration on Deryn's new sidebar section!

  6. Crystal, I cast my vote for the fact that hope is more than on its way, it is here. Sometimes mighty, sometimes fragile, never gone, in my experience. Glad you shared your thoughts with us.