Sunday, March 29, 2009

Second Verse

Sometimes the second verse is even better then the first.

The first was just a warm up, by the second verse you've began to find your groove.

The words begin to flow off your lips without even thinking about them. The self consciousness you experienced as the song began slips away and you just move, it has become natural. You've found your way.

Second verse is a 6" collage encaustic created on cradled canvas from antique textures & neutral elements. The collage is finish framed with a naturally patinaed antique yardstick ready to hang. Available for purchase at OPF Studio on Etsy.


  1. I'm LOVING this piece!!!

  2. This is really awesome, I love the framing around the canvas!

    Do I spot beeswax?

  3. Really wonderful and I also love the framing!

  4. Gorgeous little nugget. Love your work

  5. The texture on here is amazing. Love your work.