Thursday, January 04, 2007

Whats on your work table?

Not my entire studio, just on my work table. This is what I've been tinkering with since New Years day. With the exception of a few minor details, its all laid out and ready for me to start permanently assembling it. Bad lighting but you get the idea.
So what's on your work table? Leave me a note and post a picture on your blog.


  1. Anonymous1:16 AM

    WOW !!! I love it. I can see your little dollies in there too!!! Your piece is magnificent !!!

    Mica Garbarino/ Garb-oodles

  2. Hi Crystal,

    I just love this! You never cease to amaze me! I took a few pictures of my work table. You can find me at earthtonestudios.typepad
    I can't wait to see what you've made over the weekend.


  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I posted what i am working on. i can't wait to see your finished piece, as well as upcoming pieces. Have a great day !!! Mica Garbarino/ Garb-oodles

  4. gorgeous! I am to embarrassed to show you my work table...

  5. Oh but you must! I'm coming over to have a looksie!

    Sue I loved looking through the pictures of your work area. You can see the creativity!

    Mica! I love that bag!


  6. this is so beautiful!! ox, hope all is well. tracy

  7. What fun and inspiration. I do love to see studios and creative stuff.

    The question,"What is on your work table?" reminds me that I usually have too much on my plate! I have too many work tables and sometimes not room to put the plate because the "studio" often spills over to the dinning room. There is always no place to eat in the kitchen!
    Molly Jean

  8. Hi Crystal!! YOU"VE BEEN TAGGED :)
    see my blog for 'rules'

  9. Ack! Tagged again! Sorry Sandy but Rande of R2Art beat you to it a few weeks ago. I could easily list 6 more things that are weird about me, there is so much to choose from, but I don't want to scare anyone away! lol!

    I'll give you one more though.

    My thumbs are double jointed. They bend as easily backwards as they do forward. I managed to make it all the way into early adulthood before finding out that was not the way everyone's thumbs worked!

    Here's the link for more of my weirdness:


  10. All right, I ave nothing but stacks of chores on my current work table(s)... boohoo. But I wanted to say that I saw you in Somerset Studio today! Woohoo! Yay! Yay! Yay! Congrats Crystal! Your work is so awesome! --LaRinda :-0