Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Long Arm of My Love

This art was inspired by and is dedicated to my online art friend Reverend Carol Maclaren.

In response to the many hardships my husband and I have been going through for many months now, Carol sent me a major blessing just before Christmas, and with it she wrote that the Lord had told her to tell me that His arm isn't too short to help me.

I wrote Carol my thank-you's and told her that I felt the tide was turning and surely her gift was a sign. I wrote the same thing here on my blog a few posts back, that I felt that this season of storms was coming to an end. I was wrong. Shortly after that post things seemed to turn from bad to worse and this time I completely fell apart. I was under so much stress from it all that I broke and wound up moving out of the bedroom and sleeping on a mattress on my studio floor for over a week. Neither my husband, nor I was willing to reach out to the other. The enemy must have been having a heyday with that.

But Carol was right, the arm of the Lord is long, and He is more then able to reach into our lives and save. He worked His love in our hearts and brought us back together and has renewed our strength to face another day.

This piece is based on the scripture from Isaiah 59:1 "Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save."

No not too short to save. He sent me encouragement all the way from England through my friend Carol. I'll be sending one of these heart danglies out to her on Monday along with one each to the ten women in one of the two Valentines Day swaps I'm participating in.

Both swaps are heart themed but I can't show you what I've made for the other one until after mine have been opened by the participants on the second day of February.

I'll be posting directions to two different projects here in February so be sure to check back.

And I've got a few extra's to share, one for my Etsy shop and one for Ebay if you want one of your very own!


  1. crystal--these are SO lovely!! i can't wait to see it for real!!
    liz xx

  2. Wow, this is really amazing!!!

  3. Wow they are amazing and really really have some great ideas...and thanks a lot for sharing this with us...well hey i've also posted a few unique ideas for valentines Day over at my blog so drop by sometime and enjoy all that's there!!!

  4. hi crystal,
    i have been contacting the girls in the collaborative jewelry swap about contributing to a little book for kelly to help her through her tough journey ahead. i was thinking of a page each--only small--that i would collect together and bind into a book to send to kelly with our love. i just wondered whether you would be interested in taking part? i haven't any firm details yet--but it won't be anything big!!--just one 4x4 page probably to a theme. if you feel like taking part could you just send me an email to let me know? sorry for contacting you via your blog..but i don't have an email addy for you!! thanks alot
    liz xx
    my email is

  5. Oh Crystal, I think I would have been sleeping next to you in your studio...same thing happened over here :) Through the storms where are we attacked the most? Right in the heart! With you, I rejoice that God's arm reaches us and heals. And what I love is that when the enemy thinks he wins, we come back stronger than ever!! We have the victory!

    When I receive this piece I will be reminded over and over again that nothing is to hard for God! I love it, as always I love and adore all of your creations. They are still my favorites!

    Sending you love,

  6. awww crystal.. im sending my hugs and prayers your way..
    what a beautiful friend you have.. you are blessed :)


  7. OH MY! Your art work is just LOVELY~LOVELY and your blog is just packed full of pretty and inspiring goods!!

    I thought I'd pop by to get to know you a little better as we will be making pendants for eachother soon!

    xooxoxox ~Jes