Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meet Anni Hunt: The Many Faces of EncaustiCamp

Another edition in the continuing series designed to share with you the many faces of one of my favorite places to teach, EncaustiCamp. Held each summer in the Seattle area, this extraordinary retreat not only has captured many a student and teacher's heart, but also become the subject of a book featuring each of the instructors and a few of the camp VIPs. I hope to bounce around between teachers, vendors and former students (or "lifers" as they become affectionately known), throughout the series to give you a taste of the goodness from many perspectives. 

This week we are joined by another EncaustiCamp "lifer" (all students who have attended EncaustiCamp become lifers!) Anni Hunt. Anni shares with us how she came to realize that, in spite of having read camp leader Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch's books and watching her DVD's, there was so much more to learn. So much more, in fact, that she will be attending camp for the second year in a row. A true camp lifer!
Encaustic Art by Anni Hunt
I was researching encaustics online and found Patricia Seggebruch's book on encaustics.
I worked through the whole book in one weekend and immediately ordered her DVD.
I was hooked.

Trish actually visited Vancouver (my home town) during the time I was exploring and I decided not to take her class as I thought I had done her intro/DVD stuff……….what a mistake that was when I heard all the things they did in the class. So I started looking at Trish’s website which led me to E-Camp. 
Encaustic Art by Anni Hunt
I had been working in Encaustics for about two years so I didn’t have to take the intro class and could dive straight into the wonderful selection of teachers and courses. Sue Stover was incorporating textiles into her work so it seemed such a perfect fit. Judy Wise was teaching printing on the hotplate and Trish was teaching dying boards before waxing; I couldn’t wait.
Encaustic Art by Anni Hunt
I think the most exciting thing about Encausticamp was the friendships that emerged from both the teachers and the students. I think this all came from nurturing leadership of all the teachers. It was a time for sharing and building relationships and I am definitely going back this year.
Encaustic Art by Anni Hunt
I will be taking classes from Crystal Neubauer this year and Judy Wise and Sue Stover once again. Can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to in the year between.
I’m a mixed media artist, and I work mainly with textiles, to create two- and three-dimensional art. I love to create texture! I love things that are old, decaying, and antiquated. I find my inspiration in nature and my West Coast surroundings.

I like to use text in my artwork, to draw the viewer’s attention in; to have them discover the words and symbols hidden in the details, which reveal the fine stitches and threads that have created the texture and text.

I love to play with microscopic and macro frames of reference in my artwork, where the viewer’s imagination is free to explore the larger apparent shapes, but they continue to find new details every with each subsequent encounter.

Recently, I’ve been incorporating encaustics with wax into my textiles, which gives the textile materials a translucent appearance, and I hope it creates a feeling of being embalmed or fossilized and aged.

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Encaustic Art by Anni Hunt