Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Swarm: A Journey of Creation in Beeswax

I am excited to share with you a show I am a part of called "Swarm: A Journey of Creation in Beeswax" at the Hanson Scott Gallery in Seattle.

The show will feature over 30 works of art created collaboratively by myself and fellow artists and EncaustiCamp instructors, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch and Sue Stover. We have been working collectively on these works over the course of the past two years, mailing them between Chicago, Seattle and Santa Rosa with each artist adding her touch to each of the works on display.

The show will be up from July 3 through August 31 and the artists reception is set to coincide with our EncaustiCamp "field trip" day July 26 from 5-7 pm. Be sure to mark your calendar if you are in the Seattle area!


  1. Oh my, Crystal... I want to see this exhibit so badly that I can almost taste it! I am sure it will be amazing. Please post lots of photos. Have a great week in WA! Blessings.

    1. Oh that would be so awesome if you were able to come. That's how I felt when you had the show a few months ago! Blessings to you too Helen!