Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rusty Wheels

I have written a thousand tiny blog posts in my mind, started a few of them for reals and then stopped again in the space between the last post and now. How do I even begin to write again after two+ months? I will not try to catch up with it all today, but simply attempt to begin again.

The act of motion to beget increased motion, to get these rusty wheels moving on the track again.

I have been far from inactive- I have returned to the life of full time day job and in the midst of this Christmas season find myself running to catch up - sharing a post by another blogger who recently interviewed me, Anca Gray, who will also be featured in Seth Apter's second book due to be released early in 2014. Anca writes graciously and poetically and I am taken aback at seeing through her eyes and words....

"power and fragility inhabit their shared space
in crystal neubauer's work. i discovered her collages,
mixed media paintings and encaustic pieces on etsy
a couple of years ago and i have been enraptured
with the visual feast and sheer poetry of her work
ever since.
equal parts the nature of the material 
and the sensitivity of the artist,
her work tucks unutterable prayers
between delicate layers
of vintage ephemera"... read rest of interview here


  1. I really enjoyed the interview over at Anca's blog. Glad your rusty wheels are moving again :-) ... and since you are working full time you get an extra star for finding the time to blog.

  2. Although I know you never really left, I will welcome you back to the world of the blog. Excited that I will be sharing your work and words in my upcoming book!

  3. She wrote this very good.. the same is what I feel by looking on your wodnerful pieces, but I can´t express this such fabulous....

    have a very merry christmas and I hope yoi will mangae although the full time job to make new pieces in the next year!

    xxx from Austria