Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Stroll Through New Orleans

Autumn Stroll Through New Orleans by Crystal Neubauer
 4" x 4" mounted & matted in 11" x 14" frame

Fall is upon us in all its glorious splendor here in the Midwest. I've been taking advantage of these warm sunny days and getting out for a walk each morning before hitting the studio. Next week I'll be heading to Louisiana with my husband to welcome my step-son home from Afghanistan after a long year away. I'm looking forward to seeing him return safely home and taking an Autumn stroll through New Orleans.


  1. Thank your step-son for his service for us all. And your piece of collage art is splendid!

  2. I want to commend your step son for his contribution and I wish I could visit New Orleans in the Fall, I have only heard wonderful stories about evening collage is wonderful. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. what a lovely collage - I especially love its colour scheme.
    You must be very glad getting your stepson back - one year in that place must be very hard!

  4. Have the bestest time in New Orleans. And hug and thank your step-son for his service. I'm so glad he is back safe & sound!