Monday, August 09, 2010

Home Is Where the Art Is

Home is Where the Art Is                          Crystal Neubauer 2010

It has been a busy summer with many full days to come before Fall presses in. In the midst of the hustle and bustle I had a much needed break attending the Midwest Collage Society meeting yesterday. We each brought out our supplies and visited while we worked, ate our lunches and listened to two guests teaching on a variety of papers and the best applications for using them. First up, Susan Clark of Graphic Chemical & Ink Company, shared her knowledge and answered questions. The company is a local family owned business with an international clientele and a wide variety of paper and art supplies. Next, Andrea Harris, an Artist Representative for Strathmore Artist Papers, talked about the paper making process. Each woman brought a nice selection of samples to share. 

 Andrea Harris, Artist Representative for Strathmore Paper

I pieced together the collage above titled "Home is Where the Art Is" as indeed, sitting among these women I felt very much at home in spite of it being only my second time sitting in on the monthly meeting. 

I was able to sit next to Jerri Reimann, the current president of MCS. Jerri and I first met years ago in one of the online groups we were both active in and lost touch over time, so it was a nice surprise to find her at MCS. And in one of those serendipitous timing type of things, Jerri was carving printing stamps, which I had just the day before decided I wanted to try my hand at. Jerri generously sent me home with a piece of the Soft-Cut material and I am looking forward to having a go at making my own stamp. 

Oh the idea wheels are turning....

 Jerri Reimann carving her printing block


  1. ahh, one of the better photos of me! Crystal, I agree, like-minded, comfortable group for learning, sharing, working amongst.

  2. So glad you were able to attend, I'm feel sad that I missed it but gathering info from you site..

  3. A great collage so many textures and bits that fascinate me.

  4. Don't you love linocuts? Oh, the possibilities...
    Your collage is lovely. I have the companion collage to it (!!) and titled the same...we have a sweet connection!
    If we traveled the world we could probably collect a whole book of collages entitled 'home is where the art is' and all gather once a year to have tea and talk about our inspirations!
    Thank you for the lovely post.

  5. Your new piece is wonderful. And that meeting sounds really interesting.