Friday, August 20, 2010

Finding My Way Back Home

 Finding My Way Back Home                          Crystal Neubauer 2010

One thing I have discovered to be true, I am a collage artist. First and foremost, above all other mediums, my first and truest art love is collage. I could rip and tear and glue papers from now and through eternity. I have bins full of saved scraps of papers and old books in the worst of conditions are stored away on book shelves as if they are literary classics bound in the finest leather covers. I am a hoarder of language. I've described in previous posts how this art form is therapeutic, meditative even, and can be a form of worship for me. As I spend quiet hours in my studio these papers take a turn toward an unspoken language between myeself and God. A groaning of the Spirit as I push and pull and tear away with physical papers I am opened to see with greater clarity whatever it is God is working out in me through my love of collage.

But then came encaustics. When I first set out to explore with encaustics I thought this would be an aside from collage, a detour, if you will, but I found that it so perfectly suited the work I was already doing that it did not compete for my time in the studio, but completed it. And though I still have just scratched the surface with what is possible to do with this medium, I have fallen in love with the waxy substance that binds the papers and protects and enhances and adds a luminative quality to the textures I so love to work with.

And then came monoprinting, With fickle infidelity I fell in love again. This time with inks and brayers and new possibilities that stretch out endlessly in front of me. Monoprinting is fun and freeing. Where I had no knowledge of painting, I can paint. And where I did not know how to draw, I draw, and it is deeply satisfying. Again, I believed that this would be just a detour, that there would be times I would want to express myself through monoprint and times that I would work with encaustic and collage. But how could I not find a way to marry all of my loves?

And so I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting my new line of monoprint encaustic collages next week at the Cloth Paper Scissors Artists' Faire in Rosemont. If you are attending the CPS retreat or are in the Chicagoland area on Friday don't miss out! I will be selling my art and objects alongside many talented artists from 6-9pm at the Rosemont Hotel O'Haire in Rosemont, Illinois. I hope to see you there!


  1. hey crystal, i'm going to try to head out that way to meet up with Dawn Sokol, hope to see you there too!

  2. FAAAANNNNTASSTIC!!! woweee! i'm just LOVING this monoprint new-love of yours. oh, that i could be there to learn from you in your class. what a lucky bunch of students! :) i enjoyed reading about your 'loves' (i have lots too) and about the way you've learned to marry them all. :)! one day, i hope to be able to say this for myself too!

  3. Bridgette it would be great to connect with you there!

    Jan-Your explorations will be brought together in such a way someday too, and in fact they already are as you have been proving in the work you are doing!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog today girls!


  4. That is such a great description of what you do. I love how you have been able to incorporate a little bit of everything into what is a new artistic venture. Wish I could see it up in Illinois. Will you be exhibiting at Portland Art & Soul this year? I talked to you there last year and hopefully I can see some of your new art.

  5. Hi Suzanne~I am going to be at Art & Soul Portland this year. I'll be teaching on Tuesday and Wednesday and vending on Saturday. I am really looking forward to the week and hopefully we can connect there again this year!