Monday, April 12, 2010

Art Saves

This week I have the privilege of being a guest curator on Jenny Doh's new website, Crescendoh. I love this website Jenny has started. Every week she features 4 artists and their stories and each artist shares their personal favorite posts and new links to inspiring websites and blogs each day.

This week you can read the story of how Art was a tool that saved me, along with the stories of 3 other guest curators and 3 guest readers. In addition to sharing my story and a link to one of my favorite posts from my own blog, I get to direct readers to two of my favorite blogs or websites each day, so be sure to check these out daily for a glimpse of what inspires and moves me.


  1. I'll be sure to check this out. I really like your assemblage here.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story on Crescendoh and love this collage/assemblage.

  3. A well deserved honor for you, Crystal!! I love this piece of art shown-the colors and lines, just beautiful. I will check out Jenny's site :)

  4. Great piece on Crescehdoh! And I'm enjoying myself wandering thru your blog, Crystal.

    So glad to be back in touch with you!


  5. art really is a person journey and means such different and similar things to each one of us. I will visit your guest post. Take care.

  6. um, why is this not featured in 'american craft' magazine?! your work is awesome! ;) jan

  7. oh just the coolest, crystal!! ;) xo

  8. wow. just found your blog today via a list of some sort kelly kilmer put up...and i am in a bit of awe, especially after reading your art saves story. our stories are eerily similar...quitting job, starting art business, overwhelmed with overfunctioning for everyone else, breakdown, in my case, breakdown of the family, back to the legal field, getting back to the art..the art that saves....thank you for this...for letting me know i'm not alone. there is someone who gets it.
    big hugs,
    ~amy rehnae