Thursday, October 01, 2009

Be Who You Are

Sometimes as we grow up we learn to put on masks. We put on a mask to hide our feelings from the people around us because they don't understand or give us credit for what we are trying to say. Sometimes we put on a mask to become who others want us to be. To fit into the image we have in our heads of what makes us acceptable to them. Right or wrong, good or bad, sometimes we try so hard to be the right thing for so many other people that we forget who we really are. Who we were really created to be. In pursuing this feeling of acceptance from the outside we may wind losing our way altogether. Sometimes we are so buried under these masks that we can not even remember where we started.

Slowly peel it all away. It may be painful at first but it is worth it. Take a step today. Stop trying so hard to be the right kind of person on the outside. You are okay. Allow yourself to just be who you are. Who you were meant to be.


  1. This is a beautiful piece!

    I find it hard sometimes to figure out who I really am. I think maybe because I'm always changing? To put away all the expectations of others and those that you've imposed on yourself is the biggest task but perhaps the most rewarding...

  2. I think this is the journey of an artist-- the search for self in our work.

  3. Incredible piece and such important words to remember. So inspired by it that I have linked to this post from the Inspiration Station icon on the sidebar of my blog!

  4. Found your blog and wonderful post showcased in Seth Apter's Inspiration Station.
    Such a true concept- to accept oneself instead of trying to be who we perceive others want us to be. I think it starts from when we are very young, with a lack of confidence and then into low self esteem. Then, we lose ourselves and try to please everyone- but in the end, you are so right, we lose ourselves. And you are so right to take a risk and begin to slowly peel away the protective shields we put up.

  5. Amen~

    And perhaps we could ALL make a concerted effort to offer each other a hand to hold while we attempt to do this...

  6. found your blog thru Seth's link. great post, visually chewy art. love the layers and your comments!

  7. Another beautiful piece. Your words ring true too.

  8. Beautiful words, Crystal. I think women especially go through different phases of this kind of thing as we change and grow older. It's so easy to escape and begin to put on masks when we are unsure of who it is we are becoming. It's a constant story and my prayer is that I will stay true to character throughout - layer upon layer of "just me" - good and bad - covered by His grace.

  9. Fritz Perls said the following (which I remind myself of every time I want to put a mask on):

    Be as you are
    And so see
    Who you are
    And how you are
    Let go for a moment or two of what you ought to do
    and discover what you do do
    Risk a little if you can
    Feel your own feelings
    Say your own words
    Think your own thoughts
    Be your own self
    Let the plan for you grow from within you.

  10. Thank you, Crystal. I think we all need to be reminded of this from time to time. Most of us try so hard to be accepted by others who we admire, that we sometimes loose ourselves in the process. It's nice to be told that you're okay just the way you are! ;-)

  11. Love the artwork in this post. I also love what you are saying. I recently took a new position at work and people tried to tell me how I should act. I kept right on being me, it has always worked well, so why stop. I recently resigned from this position, however have been asked repeatedly to stay..perhaps because of me being me. I like to think that is why.

  12. Refreshing to see such honest sentiments on a blog. A very good & personal reminder to maintain integrity and find my own voice. (Looks like this resonates with many of us!)

  13. Suzanne6:28 PM

    As I read your post, I'm trying to think: am I doing that? Am I really being who I really am? I think I was when I spoke at an art league meeting last night, in front of many people. And I think I was when I joyfully danced with the belly dancer at dinner the other night. (No, I don't belly dance, but I did that night, and no, alcohol wasn't involved. Just fun.)

  14. Lovely post and blog. I'm an ARt and Souler, too. Went to Art and Soul in Virginia last May.

    I wandered over to your blog. Found you on the 2009 One World One Heart Giveaway site. After watching the movie Julie and Julia recently, I've decided to try and go through the ENTIRE OWOH list, from beginning to end, in 90 days and connect/reconnect with all the artists and blogs that truly inspire me! Your blog is amazing and really resonated with me!

    A bit about me. I'm a mystery writer, jewelry artist, and college professor. Yes, and a Gemini, if you couldn't tell! Here is my blog, where I blend my mystery writing and jewelry craft:
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    Take care and as Julia Child might say, "Bon Blogging!"