Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Year I Resolve To

This year I've been making my New Year's Resolutions in art instead of writing them out. I've done a few large canvases about my overall feelings of resolve to find peace and I've gone back to my first love, Artist Trading Cards, or ACEO's, to express individual thoughts in a series titled "Resolutions".
The last photo is a 4" x 4" - all are created on Artist's Illustration Board and can easily be mounted and framed.

I've just begun to list these at OPF Studio on Etsy, keep checking in for more!

Resolve to Trust My Voice
This year I resolve to trust my own voice. It may not sound like yours does, but I can trust it. It is mine. I resolve to listen to the music I have within. The canvas is my song and my heart is waiting to play its symphony.

Resolve to recognize my magical thinking
This year I resolve to recognize my magical thinking when I am wishing a problem away instead of dealing with it responsibly the way God created me to.

Resolve to Find Serenity
This year I resolve to find serenity in knowing what I can and can't control, what I am and am not responsible for, and when to take action and when to let go.

Resolve to trust my Creator God
This year I resolve to trust my creator God. I will look to Him instead of my circumstances. I will carve out time each day to spend in His presence and carry His peace and assurance with me throughout the day.

Resolve to grow
This year I resolve to let myself grow into the woman God designed me to be. I will allow myself to explore my purpose and passions and not feel guilty for being me.

Resolve to See Beauty
This year I resolve to see the beauty that is all around me, to count my blessings, to look for the silver lining.


  1. beautiful post and artwork. may your new year see the fulfillment of all your resolutions.

  2. Resolve to see beauty and grow into the one God sees in us!!! I love this post!
    Blessings and peace to you~

  3. Crystal! You have made so many beautiful things since I was here last! I just had to go over to your etsy shop and look at everything there too ~ you are such an amazing artist!

  4. Lovely, lovely. beautiful resolutions and art work together. I can sense some influence of Julia Cameron in those words, Im reading The Artist Way at the moment, its doing me good.