Thursday, January 15, 2009

Letting Go

Letting Go by Crystal Neubauer
Another canvas that began on New Years Day with a resolution in mind. This one is a nice size to hang at 12" x 9" x 1.25", no need for framing with the gallery wrapped and finished sides.

Once again my thoughts were expressed as two sides of the canvas. Here the right side signifies the past and the place that I am emerging from. A place where I carried unwarranted guilt and shame. Feelings that I wore like a second skin without hardly noticing but affecting everything I said, thought and did. I've expressed these feelings through layers of copper, rich teal blue, and deep cocoa bean brown along with textures created from old text, fibers and other found items.

The blue line down the middle signifies recognition, moving into a future that allows my mind to be at peace and find hope for a future free of these feelings of guilt and shame. The left side of the canvas represents this more peaceful serene place I am moving toward. It is hard to see in the pictures but this side of the canvas is not paint, it is a nearly perfect match to the brown on the right, but it is the canvas salvaged from an old Victrola record album cover. It is a covering, if you will, for the pain in my past. The copper wire has stitched these two sides of my life together in a healing that has not completely covered over or forgotten but has allowed me to let go of the bad and keep the good.

The entire canvas has been covered in natural beeswax and polished with a protective coat of finishing wax.

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  1. Was lead to your blog site by Seth,
    wonderful work Crystal. I'll check back often.
    Loving the rich textures.

  2. Extraordinary piece here. Such deep, rich tones and layers. SO very interesting to hear thye personal story behind it as well.

  3. Hello - I'm here from Seth's blog - I have really enjoyed looking through your site - will be back.

  4. beautiful painting and I really enjoyed hearing your process and thoughts behind it.