Saturday, November 23, 2019

Storm and Silence

Storm and Silence  Mixed Media Assemblage
by Crystal Marie Neubauer

There is the silence that comes before a storm and the silence that comes in the aftermath. One is strangely foreboding. The light is a dull, flat, gray, and even the birds stop singing. Birds always seem to know when there is danger. Perhaps they catch ions in the air in tiny receptors in their feathers.

The silence that comes after the storm is fresh. It is dawn. A slow awakening. 

Nature takes inventory of all that was lost and all that remains. A new course is set where passages have been blocked. The light that comes with the silence after seems to dance with new possibilities. Highlighting what was not lost, revealing what the high waters washed upon the shore. 

A resilience has been realized through the efforts of hanging on through it all. Where once there was fear of what could, would, should be, now there is peace. It is settled. The winds, the turmoil, and the questions that arose with the waves. 

Am I strong enough? Will I survive this thing? Will it leave me laid out on the shore, or standing as strong as if the waters never touched me? 

The answer comes on the breeze of a single song birds sweet cry, 


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