Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The thing That Led Me To The Thing

"The man who removes a mountain, begins by carrying away small stones."
~Chinese Proverb

This year my poor blog has oft been neglected. I share news in other forums, my newsletter, facebook, instagram, but here I log in and it's nothing but crickets. So here, in an effort to keep you in the loop, dear blog followers, is the last newsletter news that went out in April. . . . (thus, the events noted may have already passed)

Studio Tour and News 

It's been one of those months - the kind that disappear without a trace, slipping away into the landscape of fond memories and unexpected turns. Home from my teaching trip to Seattle and vacation in Hawaii, I've made a big decision about my studio space and started to implement it.

When I moved up to Racine, I was looking for an affordable large space where I could easily connect with other artists. I found my warehouse loft apartment while doing a search for just such a space, and while these units were advertised as an artists community, I've been disappointed to find hardly any artists here. I did meet one woman in the elevator who heard rumor of an artist moving to her floor, but I think she was talking about me.

The city of Racine, on the other hand, has been a tremendous surprise for the good. There is a thriving community of artists living and working all over the city and I've found many opportunities to connect and get involved. I applied for the Racine Art Museum's Fellowship Grant and was thrilled to receive the nicest rejection letter telling me that my work had been strongly considered and encouraging me to add "finalist" to my resume. This past week I was one of the feature artists included in The Journal Times article about the upcoming "Get Behind the Arts" studio tour in both Racine and Kenosha.
Check out the article here to read all about this outstanding event.

And this brings me back to that big decision I was telling you about; while I was disappointed that the building I moved to did not contain the artists community I was looking for, it was the thing that led me to that thing. This move led me to connect with artists who are working in just the type of place I was looking for - the 16th Street Studios in Racine, where over 50 artists have studios. I weighed many factors in contemplating moving my studio again, but in the end I knew I needed to work in the same building as this thriving community sooner rather than later - so as of this Wednesday, I will be signing a lease and beginning the transition.

I will be setting up shop in a temporary space on the 4th floor - studio #4198 while I wait for my permanent space to be ready and you are all invited to come see why I love it so much during the Get Behind The Arts studio tour. Check out the article I linked above for details, or go to the event page on Facebook here. I hope you can make it!

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