Monday, April 20, 2015

Amazon Has My Book Available for Pre-Order and I'm Throwing a Party!

**Update 7/8/2015 -- I am so very grateful for the great number of you who have written kind words and registered with me for the pre-order party pack. At this time I am at my capacity for the number of packs I can fill. HOWEVER - There is still time to get in on the drawing to win a piece of original art featured in the book. Simply follow the steps below to pre-order through Amazon for the remainder of July and your name will be entered. Thank you!!
Amazon Has My Book Available For Pre-Order and I'm Throwing A Party!
How exciting is this?? I've just discovered that Amazon has my book available for pre-order! Call me just a little bit inexperienced at these things, but I had no idea this would happen so quickly! I have already heard from tons of people on Facebook that they've placed their orders!      
W h a t ? ? ? ! ! !

So I wanted to just take a quick second to let you know that I am planning to throw a virtual party and you're invited! Now because we are all scattered in different locations across the country, and even the globe, I know we won't be able to physically party together, but that won't stop a creative group of people like us!

I am busy busy busy putting together a pack of party goodies to send out to everyone who gets in on the pre-order action over at Amazon. I'll be posting again in about a month with all of the details of the goods to be included, but to whet your appetite, there will be downloadable PDFs, an autographed book plate to stick in the cover when you get your book, your name entered in a drawing, a goody or two from some of the contributing artists, and maybe even a group conference call (if I can master the art of technology).

Very important information here: Amazon doesn't provide me with a list of the pre-orders. If you want to join the party here is what you need to do:

  1. Pre-order the book at Amazon here
  2. Take a screen shot, or forward your confirmation email from Amazon to me at this email address: - be sure it includes your mailing address (but not your payment info.-no need for me to see that!) 
  3. Wait for the party to begin! (information on party pack delivery dates to be announced at the end of May) 

One last tidbit - Amazon has a release date of the end of August listed, but a little bird tells me it may be much sooner! Whoot!!

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