Friday, July 18, 2014

Seattle and Phoenix Bound!

This weekend finds me packing and tying up last minute details before heading off to Seattle to teach in the most serenely beautiful location I've taught at to date, EncaustiCamp, where my classroom has ginormous picture windows looking out at the waters of Puget Sound and the misty image of Mount Rainier in the distance. 

After a week at camp, I pack my bags and head off to Phoenix, where I'll be teaching to a full house, my Art of Intuitive Collage workshop, and Intuitive Drawing and Mark-Making with Collage workshops. These are two of my very favorite things to teach, collage being the medium that continuously calls me home. I am super excited to be teaching the Intuitive Drawing & Mark-Making class, I am passionate about watching people discover they are indeed creative and become confident enough to try. If you are interested in taking an expanded version of this class and will not be joining us at ArtUnraveled this year, you can catch me in September at The Healing House Art Studio, just North of Chicago. Head over to my workshop tab here to register. 


  1. I love the bold look! NICE collages.

  2. HAPPY TRAILS and how FUN at a LABOR OF LOVE! These pieces are fabulous! ;)