Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Store and Studio Inventory Liquidation Clearance Sale!

First I want to say a very special thank-you to all who helped to make it possible for me to accept the position of emerging artist in the American Craft Expo and secure my booth through your purchase of art during my Celebration Sale last month! Being at the show in August will be even more meaningful knowing that you supported me!

As my career begins to move forward, my focus must shift to creating art and workshops more earnestly then ever, leaving me little time to continue with my passion of collecting and selling objects and collectibles through my Etsy store "Other Peoples Flowers" so I am busy this week listing clearance lots of all my remaining store inventory and vendor props.

Head on over to Other Peoples Flowers on Etsy where you will find deals of 50% off and more - most listings are by the lot and your savings will be pennys on the dollar. Stock up for your own altered art and assemblage projects or stock your own store inventory - these deals cannot be beat and will not be repeated!

Along with the clearance of my collectibles and objects, I will be focussing on continuing to add art to my new website and eventually closing OPF studio on Etsy where I currently sell my art. So I've decided to retire several of my art series and have currently listed many of these at 50% off the list price. If you've had your eye on a particular work, head on over to OPF Studio now - this is the time to grab it!

Thank-you all for continuing to support me through your purchases and your e-mails and blog comments. I really appreciate you!


  1. I really love the look. It has a nice faded and worn look to it. The textures are fascinating. Beautiful stuff.

  2. Congrats on the show & your artful progress! Your objects shop will be missed

  3. I'm here via Seth - and I'm glad I decided to 'look around' while I was here. Your WAR post - well, I was in the boots over forty years ago, and I was changed, as will your son. He will be your son, but regardless - it is a life-changing experience. God Bless him for his service, and you can tell him I said it. I know where he is.

  4. Here via Seth too! I've heard your name before but was not familiar with your work. It really calls to me. The collage assemblages are awesome.

  5. Thank-you so much to those who have found their way here through Seth's blog. What an honor to be included in this edition of The Pulse! I'm away fom home this week and viewing the post on my cell phone so I'm not sure, but it looks like another artists work has been credited to my name. I'm working on contacting Seth to alert him so proper credit is given to the artist whose work is posted- Thanks!

  6. I discover your blog via Seth. How wonderful are your aterwork ... so many tones of beige, yellow and white. I love how you work with colors !

    Thanks for the eye candy!