Tuesday, April 05, 2011

EncaustiCamp Spotlight: Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

The next Spotlight guest post is written by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, our fearless leader and event visionary host of EncaustiCamp. This will be a two part post - today she talks about who she is and part two will focus on the camp experience~

"I feel like I need to start this blog [post] with a big, 'it's just me!'
It's just me:
It's just me.
Having fun.
Fitting into this thing called life.

Playing with my passions and making them work!
Stitching up torn edges and frayed seams.

Daring to stand on the edge: and take the leap.

Committed to staying in my committments.
It's just me.
A lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl humbled by the fact that others want to come have fun; figure out this life; play; stitch; dare; commit; alongside me.

It's just me. Come on! Let's do it~

Foundations in Encaustic: EncaustiCamp 2011
Everything deliciously 'no way' becomes 'why not' and ends up here as a 'look at what we can do!' Join me to indulge and explore. From plaster to tar; wood icing to panpastel; propane torch to shellac...yes, it's all that good :)
in love. trish

Join Trish and five other instructors and six passionate assistants this summer at EncaustiCamp 2011. Three days and four nights of all things beeswaxy and beautiful~July 13-July 17. www.encausticamp.com

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