Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Studio Play Day

Yesterday was a treat. I spent the afternoon in an impromptu workshop taught by the very talented artist, Sandie Bacon, in this spacious and beautiful studio belonging to a friend of Sandie's. I am still feeling inspired this morning and wishing I could walk out my own back door into this inspiring retreat!

Here is the view from my chair to my right of the other two talented participants in the workshop. Unfortunately my pics of Sandie did not turn out as she stood with her back to the wall of open double doors in front of me and the light was too much for my cheap phone camera to handle.
Sandie taught us the ins and outs of Golden's fluid and open acrylics, along with some tips on painting on Golden's regular and light modeling paste. This was a much needed tutorial using these products for me. Sandie is part of Golden's Working Artist program and has a plethora of information to share. I'll be getting together with her again very soon to learn more!

To my right was this beautiful and relaxing view of the studio

Supplies along the wall behind me

Working studio space to my left 

Wow! What a day and what a treat to be invited to participate! Be sure to check out Sandie's blog and workshop schedule and catch her at one of her many workshops or demos around the Chicagoland area.


  1. Beautiful studio--what an inspiration to create!

  2. OH! what a space! the entire experience sounds heavenly :)...there's even room for ME!!! *hint, *hint :)

  3. What an amazing studio! And Sandie does have some cool things to share doesn't she?

  4. Wow, who wouldn't love to work in that studio? She sounds very giving.

  5. So happy for you and your it when they pop up and your able to take them in...
    thanks for sharing honey...

  6. What a beautiful studio!

  7. Sandie is a great resource and fun teacher! Wow, I'm drooling over that studio. Sigh. One day...