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"Storytelling always has been, and always will be, one of humanity's greatest tools for survival." 

~Rachel Held Evans


Collage Seminar is a designed to give the participant a hands on comprehensive overview of the collage process, from learning how to get started, how to recognize and push past your blocks in the studio, how to layout and create a more intentional design, to what it looks like to create in a series. You'll gain confidence in your abilities and have fun in the process.

For the artist who is already familiar with the art of collage, this class will help you to feel more connected to the work you create, identify areas that are preventing your work from flowing, and enable you to take it to the next level. 

Oh, and did I mention, it is just plain fun?

Taught live online in a private classroom group on Facebook, participants are able to post images of their work and receive answers to their questions in real time. 

Short on supplies? Short on time? Short on the budget? Full of holiday stress? This class has got you covered - the supply list is low, the commitment is minimal, the process is guaranteed to help you forget that stress, and the cost is budget friendly. PLUS I'll have a present waiting for you when the class is over-- your choice of one of my three downloadable video workshops: Discovering Your Intuitive Voice, Collage and The Intuitive Story, or Collage Encaustic Combinations. 

***Regular price on the downloadable workshops is more then the cost of this class alone!

One afternoon, four hours long, a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, a connection to like-minded creatives during the strange reality of social distancing, an oasis in the midst of it all - the virtual studio. Ready to have some fun? Read on below for the details:

Date: Monday December 14th, 2020
Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm CST
Cost: $45.00

Very little is needed to participate in this class. You need something to glue, something to glue on, and something to glue with.  

Something to glue- that is the fun stuff. The fodder. The collected papers and ephemera we all like to gather. You can even use all of that junk mail that clogs the mailbox this time of year. 

Something to glue on- I typically use 140# watercolor paper for my substrate. You'll need 4-6 pieces cut to 4" squares and the rest is up to you. You can precut substrates in similar standard sizes to what I plan to use- 8" squares, 5"x7", and 9"x12" rectangles. Or whatever size and shape you feel comfortable with. 

Something to glue with- Adhesive of your choice and an applicator. 

It also helps to have an old magazine or junk mail catalog, a pair of scissors, a ruler, rinse water, a damp rag or baby wipes, waxed paper, and a pile of heavy books.

Now for the really important info to access the classroom:

The classroom will open to participants to enter a week prior to the scheduled class. There will be some information available to review, a video demo of me mixing my favorite glue blend, and information on navigating the group space. 

You will gain access through a Facebook invitation at that time, which will either come in your Facebook notifications or to the email address you used to register for the class with. If you do not receive an invite, please double check your spam folder and your group notifications on Facebook. If you are still unable to locate it, email me at:

The classroom will remain open for one week after the seminar. At the end of the lesson, you will be given information on how to access the free downloadable class of your choice. You will also be able to download this lesson to keep for a lifetime of review!


Sacred Objects: Handmade Brushes and Incantation Bowls 
an online live workshop experience

What: Sacred Objects: Handmade Brushes and Incantation Bowls
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1pm CST; November 10th, 12th, 17th and 19th
Where: The privacy of your own home or studio via an exclusive Facebook Group for this workshop 
Cost: $100 per participant - register below

In Sacred Objects, we approach the art of creating handmade bowls and brushes with reverence to the connection between all that the artist contains within them and how the work of their hands becomes a sacred offering - a sublime experience of making. 

In the course of this workshop, we create two styles of handmade brushes, one using the participants own hair or that of a loved one, and the other from natural and found materials. As one becomes more connected to the writing instrument they've created with their own hands, the instrument becomes an extension of one's own soul. 

If brushes are tools of expression to convey the emotions we contain, the bowl, or vessel, is representation or ourselves. A self-portrait of sorts, to contain the innermost desires of our hearts. This workshop takes the participant through two techniques for creating a vessel- or Incantation Bowl. You may also refer to them as Meditation Bowls. Inspired by Sue Monk Kidds latest novel, The Book Of Longings, where a key component of the story was the gift of an incantation bowl to the main character in which she inscribed the words of a prayer for what she most longed for inside. As a meditation practice, those words would be sung or chanted as the fingers traced the words inside the bowl. A way of setting intentions, containing longings too big to be spoken to another, or simply holding the gratitude one wants to remember to hold onto in difficult times. 

As an art form, Sacred Objects will equip you to approach your work with a 3D sculptural sensibility and with a reverence for the simple object to become a spiritual symbol or meditational tool. 

Each bowl and brush crafted during the course of this workshop will be an expression of the artist, not a mere copy of the teacher. 

The technical information covered will include: 
  • crafting brushes in a sturdy manner 
  • creating bowls and adorning them 
  • with materials such as: 
  • plaster cloth
  • paper clay
  • natural and found materials
  • ephemera 
  • fabric 
  • paint
  • ink 
  • Encaustic Wax
The live lessons for this class have ended, participants are now invited to watch the pre-recorded videos, share your work, and post questions in a private group setting. The group becomes a meeting place to connect and share ideas, thoughts, images, and questions with each other and myself. Having these conversations in the group format serves to further ignite and inspire the imagination. 

Each lesson is approximately 2.5-3 hours long and includes discussion to connect our work to the deeper meaning to be found, as well as extensive demonstrations, plus ideas and alternatives to approach ones own work. These lessons are recorded and remain available for review as often as desired until the group closes (approximate closing date for group support is December 24th, 2020). At that time, the participants will be given a link and a password to download each of the four videos, plus one bonus lesson and two pre-recorded bonus videos, to save to their own computers for a lifetime of continued review. 

Supplies for this workshop:

Oblong container for water, such as a shoe storage container
Balloons to use as form - in size and shape of your choice
rolling pin or pasta machine

For the brushes:
driftwood, dry branch, or similar size found object for brush handle

lock of hair approximately the width of a large finger at least 2" long
dry grasses, leaves, interesting plant materials 
and/or: old broom, paintbrush, or other sources of bristles to repurpose

hemp cord
variety of fibers, yarns, string, floss, etc for alternative brush tips and/or adorning brush
Scotch tape

Black India ink
Black fine point permanent marker - can be a sharpie or any other brand you prefer - felt tip not ball point.

Needle nose pliers
Drill with standard bits
Sandpaper-several pieces in fine to course grits

Optional- these items will be used or discussed in the demos. You may choose to have them available or wait to view the class to determine what you'd like to gather: 

small handsaw or hacksaw
decorative molds, embossing stamps, rubber stamps, etc
scraps of fabric
rubber bands
beads, embellishments, found objects, etc.
color ink and/or watercolor paints
encaustic wax
electric fryer or crockpot for melting wax
Encaustic grade (natural bristles) paint brush 1.5" - 2" 
R&F Pigment sticks
Heat gun or torch

alternative to an encaustic finish: liquid varnish from the hardware store

*Buyers will be sent an email after purchase with information on accessing the private Facebook group.


Let Your Heart Speak with Crystal Marie
An Online Video Workshop hosted by Ivy Newport

Classroom opens August 4th
I am so excited to share with you all that registration for my newest workshop is now open. This time around, the class won't be live but is video driven, and being hosted by the uber talented and super amazing artist Ivy Newport. 

This class has a been a labor of love. Aptly named, Let Your Heart Speak, it covers three very distinct techniques - monoprinting from magazine images on a gel plate, collage, and encaustic. Each lesson gives you the skills needed to produce beautiful works of art from that one technique alone, but the class is designed to work in succession to create a project that combines them all. 

Of course my approach is intuitive, as it is with all of my classes. In this way, your heart begins to tell its own story without the need to be overt or overly concerned if the viewer experiences the final work through the lens of their own life experiences. 

There is a classroom for support included with this class. I absolutely cannot wait to meet you there! If you hop on over and register soon for early bird pricing!

For more information and to register visit Ivy's website at this link. 

A word about the online live platform: After wrapping up my first online live workshop on Facebook, I was thrilled at the depth of connection achieved utilizing the private groups and the ability to live cast each lesson. The first class was conducted live in my art group called Crystal Marie: Canary Rising, where a thriving community of over 900 artists continue to interact and post works, communicate on an ongoing basis, and uplift and support each other during a very challenging time in our country. 

Canary Rising is as an active Facebook community of artists, where you are invited to join and participate in group challenges, post works, and make wider connections with other like minded artists and collage enthusiasts. This is a separate group from the one in which this workshop will be conducted and will be a way for you to continue the momentum of the workshop after it has ended and our private classroom space closes. 

Here's what some of the members of Canary Rising have to say after participating in my first live workshop online: 

  • "I have taken quite a few in person classes from you, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. That’s why I keep coming back for more.  But this online class has been great.  I love that we have time in between sessions to work.  I am slow and benefit from the extra time.  And I love that I can re-watch the has been inspiring to see all the work that has been posted. Thank you for allowing me to focus on something other than the virus.  To have many moments, when I completely forget about these difficult times." ~ Deborah
  • " was rather amazing. I honestly didn't think collage had that much power. And yet it did." ~ Teena
  • "I've just started, and I've already felt myself starting to let go of perfectionism, and collectionism (my word for hoarding materials and feeling they are too precious to use)! Thank you so much. Your openness in this time of fear in our lives is such a needed thing. I'm feeling connected and less alone." ~ Heather
  • "Crystal, today's message was hitting home in many ways, as usual!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your gift of teaching, as well as opening your own story to us. This group is incredible. I've never been so engaged with a group as I have with this one. I love everything I see!"  ~ Re

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