A b o u t the A r t i s t

Crystal Neubauer, Artist | Author | Instructor
I call my process intuitive, but it all boils down to learning to trust and open oneself to The Voice inside; the one that can guide creative decisions and bring about a much richer work of art then what skilled technique alone can do.  

From obtaining gallery representation, to writing my own book about collage (The Art of Expressive Collage: Techniques for Creating with Paper and Glue; North Light Books, Summer 2015), to teaching workshops nationwide, and opening a studio in my own neighborhood, learning to tune in to The Voice within has led me on a journey of learning “I can”. There is no arrival or final destination, this side of heaven. I will ever be following where The Voice may lead, into a deeper and richer experience of knowing who I am and what I was created to be. 

I won't be content to keep this knowledge to myself. You are invited to join me in embarking on your own journey of learning "I can" through any one of my workshops, books, articles or videos (available late 2015). Visit my website at crystalneubauer.com, and don't forget to continue to check in here at the blog!